FintechFX Investment Platform
Funds  Deposit

Funds Deposit

Deposit Methods
Broker Transfer
Bank Wire Transfer
Currency Based USD USD
Fee 0% Terms & Conditions
Minimum Deposit USD 100 USD 1,000
Processing Time 1-3 Business Days 3-7 Business Days

Deposit Fee Reimbursement

FINTECHFX will reimburse our clients’ Telegraphic Transfer (TT)/ Wire Transfer Charged fees depending on the amount of funds transferred. This is part of our Social Responsibilities Program which covers any local and/or intermediary bank charges incurred as a result of deposited funds equivalent or above USD 1,000.

For Example:

A client deposits USD 1000 through Wire Transfer. As a result, the Local Bank charges a fee of USD 10 while the Intermediary Bank charges a fee of USD 25. The deposit received by FINTECHFX will hence be USD 965.

After a verification tracking is done the Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) slip from the bank showing that the client has deposited USD 1000, FINTECHFX will bear the Local Bank charges and Intermediary Bank fee of USD 35 in total by reimbursing the client’s trading account. Therefore, clients will be getting the full deposited amount to be traded on upon reimbursement.

* Clients will be required to send us their proof of transfer/deposit @ [email protected]
** FINTECHFX will only reimburse bank charges up to a maximum of USD 70 only.